Sunday, May 28, 2006

Pistachio/cherry lovers rejoice!

Mosaïc Mania will be all the rage at Pierre Hermé in Paris, from June 8th, and for only 10 days.
Ice cream, glasses, Millefeuille,...six desserts will be overwhelmed with pistachio and cherry.
If you like your dessert to contain little sugar, or a very reasonable amount of pistachio, it may be wiser to avoid these green sensations. That is what our unfortunate experience with a Surprise Mosaïc last winter in Tokyo leads me to believe: it turned out to be the first Pierre Hermé dessert we had to stop eating after a couple of bites! I will soon ask the expert clerks (they are required to taste every not pity them too much!) how these new Mosaïcs ended up tasting.
The take of Clotilde on the Surprise Mosaïc.